In 2012, an article by B.B. McAllister et al. published in Neuroscience titled “Behavioural outcomes of perinatal maternal fluoxetine treatment.” further illustrates the risks tied to prenatal fluoxetine (Prozac) exposure, demonstrating resulting developmental issues in gestational mice.

The team writes “During and following pregnancy, women are at considerable risk of experiencing depression. For treatment, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs [(SSRIs)], such as fluoxetine, are commonly prescribed, yet the potential effects of perinatal exposure to these drugs on the brain and behaviour have not been examined in humans beyond childhood. This is despite abundant evidence from studies using rodents indicating that altered serotonin levels early in life affect neurodevelopment and behavioural outcomes.”

Studying “behavioural outcomes of female mice perinatally (embryonic day 15 to postnatal day 12) treated with fluoxetine (25mg/kg/day) via a non-stressful method of maternal administration,” the team found that mice exposed to Prozac exhibited “anxiety-like and depression-like behaviour in early adulthood” along with reduced body weight.

This study alone does not illustrate the range and severity of adverse birth outcomes linked to prenatal Prozac exposure; follow the preceding link for additional summaries of scientific research on the connection between SSRI drugs and birth defects.

Because many women have used Prozac unaware of the risk for birth defects and adverse perinatal outcomes, a number of Prozac birth defect lawsuits have been filed in recent years.

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