You might feel that your best choice is to hire a law firm that is in the same city as you.  If you were in a “fender bender,” that probably would be the best choice for you.  But if you were injured by a prescription drug or medical device, a local firm might not be the best option for you.  That’s because prescription drug lawsuits often have to be centralized in one court that might not be anywhere near you.  For example, almost all of the Zoloft birth defect lawsuits were consolidated in a federal court in Pennsylvania.  So even if you live in California, much of your case will be decided in Pennsylvania.  And that’s just one example.  Most prescription drug lawsuits are like that.  Feel free to e-mail me ( if you’d like to know why.

So instead of looking for a lawyer who has an office near you, you might want to look for a lawyer who is the best fit for your case.  If my law firm isn’t the right one for you, I have a network of lawyers across the country that I trust and rely on.  If my firm isn’t the best fit for your case, I will gladly refer you to the one that is.

If you’re not sure if you “have a case” or you have other questions, why not take the first step to getting them answered and contact me?  You can e-mail me at or call me toll-free at 855-452-5529.  I’m here to help and look forward to helping you.