Today, I came across an article from the Netherlands by M.K. Bakker published in Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (August, 2010) titled “Fluoxetine and infantile hypertrophic pylorus stenosis: a signal from a birth defects-drug exposure surveillance study.”, a piece that made great strides in elucidating the connection between prenatal exposure to Prozac (fluoxetine) and serious birth defects.  Here, a link is made between Prozac exposure and infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS)

The website writes that “Pediatric pyloric stenosis is narrowing of the lower end of the stomach due to thickening of the muscles of the pylorus. The narrowing is up to the extent that milk and other stomach contents cannot pass into the small intestine.”

Bakker et al. (2010) state “We report an association found in a surveillance study which systematically evaluated combinations of specific birth defects and drugs used in the first trimester of pregnancy. … The database of a population-based birth defects registry (birth years 1997-2007) was systematically screened for combinations of drugs and malformations that were disproportionately present compared to the rest of the database.”

Results showed “an association between maternal use of fluoxetine and infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS)”: about 2% of children with IHPS had been exposed to Prozac before birth, while only 0.2% of children with other malformations had been exposed to Prozac during pregnancy.

Due to the fact that the manufacturers of Prozac have failed time and again to adequately warn users of the risk for birth defects, many women have chosen to file Prozac® birth defects lawsuits.

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