With over one tenth of all women with pelvic organ prolapse requiring surgery, researchers have begun to dedicate time and effort towards finding safe and effective methods to achieve higher satisfaction for patients.  Transvaginal mesh systems have emerged commercially over the past decades to try to reduce the failure rate of surgical pelvic organ prolapse repair, and to some, represent one such advancement.  One research study, conducted by Joanna Togami and her affiliates, aimed at discussing the controversies surrounding transvaginal mesh and other new surgical techniques.

Togami and her team reported that from the 11% of women worldwide who will receive surgical repair for prolapsed pelvic organs, a third of them will experience surgical failure, requiring them to return for further surgery.  They indicate that the use of transvaginal mesh kits have not yet led to confirming transvaginal mesh as a viable alternative to traditional repairs, with a range of complications occurring as a  result of their use.  The report attributes these comparable failure rates to the lack of research completed in respect to the effectiveness of the use of transvaginal mesh kits.

New transvaginal mesh kits are being marketed at a rapid pace, and research indicates that they are often times heavily under-researched before being passed to the general market for consumer use.  This is highly dangerous as these products are being used without a full understanding of what the possible adverse effects may be.  If you or a loved one has undergone pelvic organ prolapse repair involving the use of transvaginal mesh, and suffered surgical failure or post-operative side effects, you may be eligible to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit with our skilled specialists.  Please contact us with your concerns to determine if you can pursue compensation for the suffering caused by under-tested transvaginal mesh kits.

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