Johnson & Johnson (J&J) executives are currently under the microscope as to whether or not they engaged in criminal activity when they “lost” documents critical to lawsuits filed against them.

As we noted in previous posts, on February 4th, a federal magistrate judge ruled that Ethicon, a subsidiary of J&J, destroyed or lost documents that

Part I: Destroying Valentine’s Day

Two weeks ago was Valentine’s Day— a holiday that is supposed to be full of romance and heartfelt encounters with those you love. For many lucky people, Valentine’s Day was exactly that this year. Countless couples across the country could be seen on dates, filling restaurants, theaters, and dance-halls to

Over the course of the past several days, Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, has crowed over the fact that it “prevailed” in a lawsuit regarding the pelvic mesh devices it manufactured and promoted. At first glance, the media headlines regarding Ethicon’s recent “triumph” are confusing, and might even make it seem like Ethicon has

Several studies have been conducted, evaluating the effectiveness of transvaginal mesh (TVM) usage in treating damaged vaginal tissues.  Initial studies primarily focused on the anatomical success of TVM, with less emphasis on functional outcome.  Dr. Salil Khandwala conducted a study titled “Transvaginal Mesh Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse: One-Year Outcome Analysis,” published in

Transvaginal mesh (TVM) is a mesh implant used to treat damaged vaginal tissues.  One condition TVM has been commonly used to treat is called pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  POP is characterized by weakening of the tissues that hold the pelvic organs in place, and occurs in 30-50% of women.

An observational study, titled “Total