The use of transvaginal mesh in the surgical repair of pelvic organ prolapse has recently led to a large number of transvaginal mesh lawsuits as a result of the inconsistent success rates and the numerous complications associated with these methods.  The controversy has mainly stemmed from the lack of clinical research done to prove the safety of the constantly changing updated version of the transvaginal mesh kit products, produced by a host of companies worldwide.    However, a new concern has arisen for clinical scientists investigating the safety of transvaginal mesh kits: the effect of their use on the female sexual function.

A current study conducted by Chiu-Lin Wang, et. al. evaluated the short-term impact of surgical repair with total transvaginal mesh (TVM) on sexual function among women with pelvic organ prolapse.  After testing a range of patients with preoperative and postoperative questionnaires, Wang and colleagues determined that scores for dyspareunia and the lubrication domains of the female sexual function index were significantly lower following reparatory surgery involving transvaginal mesh.  The study reported that that two-thirds of TVM patients had a significantly lower female sexual function index scores postoperatively, indicating that the unwanted effects of transvaginal mesh were highly prevalent for patients.

Corrective surgery to fix prolapsed pelvic organ tissue is aimed at allowing patients to return to the physical normalcy, without pain and without discomfort.  The use of transvaginal mesh kits has been heavily questioned because of how little research has been done to prove their safety, but now research has started to indicate that these devices have been seen to cause further complications, now affecting the sexual functioning of patients.  If you have experienced any sort of postoperative discomfort, pain, or abnormalities following prolapsed pelvic organ surgery involving transvaginal mesh, then you may be the victim of a dangerous product, unfit for clinical use.

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