Currently, synthetic mesh kits are being more commonly used in reparatory surgery for prolapsed pelvic organs.  However, as stated by Lawrence Lin, et. al., in a recent article titled, “Dyspareunia and Chronic Pelvic Pain after Polypropylene Mesh Augmentation for Transvaginal Repair of Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse,” there seems to be no clinical research on the safety of such kits.  The researchers state, “There is a growing use of synthetic mesh placement in the vagina without sufficient evidence of clinical studies on patient safety for these procedures.”

Lin and his team focused on the fact that there is very little attention paid towards transvaginal mesh kits in their postoperative complications.  The study summarized the experience of a patient, whom after receiving a synthetic mesh kit for anterior prolapsed pelvic organ repair, suffered from extreme dyspareunia and debilitating pelvic pain.  The patient, after being surgically implanted with transvaginal mesh experienced pain and discomfort postoperatively, failed to have a positive response from medical therapy, eventually leading to further surgery to remove the mesh kit.

Cases similar to this patient’s have emerged in alarming numbers, with patients reporting similar complications and often times requiring further surgery to repair the damage caused by transvaginal mesh kits.  If you or a loved one has experienced any sort of complication following surgery involving transvaginal mesh kits, then it may be the result of the lack of clinical research done on that product’s safety and efficacy; you may be entitled to compensation for the suffering you have endured.

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