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Risk-Benefit Analysis of Transvaginal Mesh

Posted in Vaginal Mesh

With the rising use of transvaginal mesh in the treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse, studies are being done as to determine the benefits and risks of these new procedures.  Current studies aim at determining if there is any significant increase in the success rate of surgical vaginal wall repair due to the use of transvaginal mesh.  Lawyers who handle transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been receiving many claims pertaining to the complications that have been seen with the use of transvaginal mesh.

A recent study published by Dr. Dan Altman et al. (2011) in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that while transvaginal mesh has a higher success rate for short term treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse.  However, the study also showed a higher rate of surgical complications as a result of the use of transvaginal mesh in these corrective procedures.  The study further concluded that there are higher rates of postoperative complications due to the use of transvaginal mesh, leading to numerous lawsuits directed towards the misuse of such materials in the repair of anterior vaginal wall prolapse.

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