There is no shortage of lawyers out there who want to handle your dangerous drug or medical device case. That’s not surprising since many of these cases (but not necessarily yours) are worth a LOT of money. So why should you hire me? Three reasons.

1: You’ll always be able to talk to me. My firm has a very firm rule that all calls are to be returned within 24 hours.  We also have a 24-hour answering service, so you’ll be able to speak to a live person no matter when you call.  Or if you’re not a phone person, you can e-mail me.  My email address is  That’s the same email address that my mom uses to email me. Bottom line: I like helping people and that means I don’t hide from my clients. 

2: My firm isn’t a “referral mill.”  Quite a few law firms advertise on TV for cases, and once they sign those cases up, they refer the cases out to another firm to actually do the work.  The reason why is that the firm who refers the case out will generally get 1/3rd of the attorney fee for doing nothing but signing the case up.  I went to law school to be a lawyer, not a middle man.  So unless I truly think there’s a better firm out there to handle your case, it will stay with us.   

3: I follow General Patton’s advice. General Patton said that the only way to win a war is to “attack and attack and attack some more.” If I’m forced to file suit to protect your rights, I’m going to keep up the pressure. Many lawyers file a lawsuit and then wait and see what the defendant does. Invariably, the defendant attacks everything they can about the lawsuit. I don’t take a “wait and see” attitude. My strategy is always to keep the other side wondering what I’m going to do, and force them to respond to it.

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.  If you don’t think my firm is the right firm for you, I’ll point you in the direction of some other firms that I know will treat you right.