Last Wednesday (11/6/2013), Reuters reported that the approval of a new cancer drug by Curis Inc. has stalled after a patient died while taking the drug.

Curis Inc. is a company that develops many new drugs used for in cancer treatment.  In collaboration with other major drug companies, Curis created Erivedge, the only medication for

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Eli Lilly and Company is a pharmaceutical company with offices all over the world.  Recently, the company developed a single-agent treatment for gastric cancer; a drug called Ramucirumab.  Ramucirumab is used if cancer continues to progress after initial chemotherapy.  And according to a report published 10-24-2013 by, the company recently

This shows that the FDA is more interested in protecting pharmaceutical companies than patients.  Note how Woodcock doesn’t want to force new trials because that requires human experimentation, which has risk.  A smarter regulator would realize that the risks increase in proportion to the size of the user base of the drug.  And allowing any