Recently, studies have shown that the anticoagulant drug Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is linked to a dramatically increased risk for major bleeding events compared to other drugs in its class.  Here, we discuss one such piece of research, titled “New oral anticoagulants in acute coronary syndrome: is there any advantage over existing treatments?”, published in the September, 2014 edition of International Cardiovascular Research Journal by a team of Italian researchers led by A. Messori.

This team states that their study “re-examined the studies published thus far on this topic to evaluate the effectiveness of dual antiplatelet therapy in comparison to some of these new approaches (mainly, ticagrelor + aspirin and dual therapy plus a new oral anticoagulant [NOAC]; i.e., “triple therapy”).”  To perform this study, the team evaluated and analyzed a number of previously-conducted studies with statistics to get a better overall picture of this risks and benefits of anticoagulant use.

Results showed that “triple therapy based on any NOAC proved to be superior to dual therapy alone, but at the same time demonstrated its equivalence with dual therapy. The results for apixaban-based triple therapy were inconclusive (not superior, not not-inferior, not equivalent and, of course, not inferior to the controls).”

The team also results for Xarelto patients specifically: “rivaroxaban-based triple therapy showed that this combination treatment was superior to dual therapy alone and failed to meet the criterion of equivalence. In the comparison between rivaroxaban-based triple therapy and ticagrelor + aspirin, the RR was 1 and its 95% CI remained within a post-hoc margin of ± 15%.”  This means that Xarelto is effective for reducing the risk of stroke.

Unfortunately, the team also found that “the increased risk of bleeding with triple regimens is well demonstrated. We therefore conclude that these triple regimens did not play any important roles in the patients experiencing an acute coronary syndrome.” (emphasis added)

Because Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has provided insufficient warning concerning this risk for bleeding on the Xarelto Black Box Warning, Xarelto lawsuits are currently being filed around the world.

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