In 2010, a team of researchers led by N. Yasui-Furukori et al. published the results of a study titled “Gender-specific prolactin response to antipsychotic treatments with risperidone and olanzapine and its relationship to drug concentrations in patients with acutely exacerbated schizophrenia.” in Progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry that aimed to determine the extent of the relationship between risperidone (Risperdal) and elevation of prolactin levels.

Prolactin is a hormone responsible for breast development and milk production, and as such, elevations of prolactin in males can cause gynecomastia – male breast development, a condition that can be very troubling.

This study reviewed 94 patients suffering from schizophrenia (46 males, 48 females) who were prescribed either olanzapine (Zyprexa) or risperidone (Risperdal).  Each week for four weeks, their prolactin levels tested.  Results showed that both drugs elevated prolactin levels, but not equally.  Researchers write “Prolactin levels were significantly higher in females than in males at all sampling points in both treatments,” but “Risperidone increased prolactin significantly more than did olanzapine in both males and females.”

Further, the study states that “analyses showed that [change in] prolactin during risperidone was significantly correlated with gender … and age”.

Due to the fact that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Risperdal has failed time and again to inform users of the link between Risperdal use and gynecomastia, a number of Risperdal male breast growth lawsuits have been filed.  If you or a loved one used Risperdal and suffered gynecomastia or another complication, you too may be entitled to significant financial compensation.  For a free, no-obligation case consultation, contact our team of Risperdal lawyers at the information provided below.  We have the experience, resources, and skills required to win the justice you deserve.

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