Now this is just plain scary.  Apparently, management at the Duragesic plant was ok with releasing defective, deadly products.

As the following excerpt of an email shows, a manager at the Duragesic factory didn't see much of a difference between releasing 4, 5, 6, or 7 defective fentanyl patches. 

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of a defective Duragesic fentanyl patch is death.

Now, even one defective patch is enough to kill someone.  The internal corporate policy was not to release a batch if there were 5 or more defective patches.  Even if we accept the notion that it’s OK to release up to 4 potentially deadly patches, it’s inexcusable that this manager saw no difference between 4 and 7 defects.


No wonder there have been so many Duragesic lawsuits over defective patches.

The excerpt above comes from the expert report of Michael Anisfeld, an expert in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.  His entire report in this Duragesic lawsuit is available here in PDF format.