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It’s important that you know that you have not hired me.  I am not your lawyer unless and until you return a signed contract to me.  So please don’t consider anything you read here or in any e-mail I send you to be legal advice.  You only get legal advice if you hire me.  If I think you have a case I can help you with, I’ll get your address from you and send you a contract and some medical authorization forms.  Once you sign and return those to me, I can begin representing you and helping you with your potential lawsuit.

One last thing that is very important.  I am a lawyer, not a doctor.  Therefore, please do not stop or start taking medication based upon anything you read here.  If you think you need to change your medication, PLEASE contact your doctor.  Don’t be afraid to print out something you saw here and show it to him or her, but please don’t think that anything you read here is medical advice.

Thanks for contacting me, and I’ll do my best to help you.