WARNING: Artificial joints manufactured by Zimmer recalled for high rate of failure and complications

NexGen CR-Flex knee implant (Zimmer Holdings, Inc.) and Durom Cup metal hip implant (Zimmer Holdings, Inc.) are associated with an exceedingly high rate of device failure and other complications requiring additional, invasive, surgery to correct.

NexGen CR-Flex Knee Replacement Failure – Zimmer Knee Implant Defects

Recently, the New York Times has reported that certain NexGen CR-Flex knee replacements have been found to malfunction or fail long before their intended 15-year life span by Dr. Richard A. Berger, a long-time designer of metal joint replacements and prominent medical consultant for Zimmer Holdings, Inc., the manufacturer of NexGen knee replacements and many other medical devices.

Hopefully, Zimmer Holdings will take the concerns of Dr. Berger to heart and discontinue the NexGen CR-Flex knee replacement system, but that does not seem likely.  Rather than being touted as a hero by Zimmer for discovering faults in one of the company’s medical device used by thousands, Berger’s contract was not renewed this year.

Furthermore, when another Zimmer joint replacement product was found to be faulty by a paid medical consultant to the company (Durom cup hip implants), the beliefs of Dr. Lawrence Dorr were were ignored in the face of potential financial profit, and at the cost of patient safety and well-being, prompting a number of Durom cup hip implant lawsuits.  See below for more information on Dr. Dorr and Zimmer’s defective Durom cup implant.

Durom Cup Recall: High Rate of Failure — Zimmer Hip Implant Defects

Also reported by the NY Times, last year, Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a prominent orthopedic surgeon working in Los Angeles, and who until recent months was paid as an expert consultant to Zimmer, found problems with the “Durom cup”.  The Durom cup is a relatively new artificial implant used in some hip replacement surgeries, and is attached to one’s hip, acting as a new socket for one’s femur bone to attach to one’s hip bone.

A consultant to Zimmer, he states “I saw one of Zimmer’s engineers at a meeting, and I told her that you should pull this cup because you are crippling patients.”  Zimmer did not stop sale of the product.

When the FDA addressed Zimmer about defective and dangerous Durom hip implants, the company fired back, citing records of national joint registries in countries like Australia, where other Zimmer hip products were found to fail less frequently.  Because of this track record, Zimmer was allowed to continue selling defective Durom cup hip replacements if it agreed to re-evaluate the safety of its product.

During the time it took Zimmer to comb through the medical records of 1,300 recent Durom cup patients by hand (because the US lacks a proper national joint registry), about 1,300 more defective Durom cup joints were sold.

Now, Zimmer has fully re-evaluated the safety and efficacy of its product, and as of last week, Zimmer halted sales of the Durom cup.  About 13,000 people have received a Durom cup hip implant and some doctors fear “hundreds” will require replacement.

Defective Hip Replacement Lawsuit / Defective Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Due to the preponderance of evidence suggesting that Zimmer knew, or should have known, the risks associated with the use of their products, a number of NexGen failure lawsuits and Durom cup failure lawsuits have been filed around the world.

If you or a loved one used a NexGen Knee Replacement and experienced NexGen Knee Replacement failure, or used a Durom cup and experienced Durom cup failure, or another complication related to these dangerous Zimmer products, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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