Recently, a number of scientific studies have linked surgical robots to high complication rates and longer, more painful surgeries.  Because manufacturer of many surgical robots, Da Vinci, failed time and again to provide doctors and patients sufficient safety information, surgical robot lawsuits are currently being filed around the country.

If you or a loved one underwent surgery by surgical robot and suffered complications, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation for your undue pain and suffering.  For a free, no-obligation case consultation, contact our team of surgical robot lawyers at Dangerous Drugs.

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Study Shows: Surgical Robots Cause Longer Operations, More Complications

Last year, a study was published in Annals of Surgical Oncology that aimed to determine the how safe surgical robots are for thyroidectomy.  Studying 839 patients who underwent robot-assisted surgery and 1,536 control subjects, the team found the use of surgical robots was “significantly associated with longer operating time,” as well as longer hospital stay, and “higher temporary recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) injury”.

“Given some of the limitations with the literature and the potential added surgical risks and morbidity in [robotic thyroidectomy], application of the robot in thyroid surgery should be carefully and thoroughly discussed before one decides on the procedure.”

In January 2014, a study titled “Three hundred robotic-assisted mitral valve repairs: the Cedars-Sinai experience.” from Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery evaluated the relative safety and efficacy of robotic-assisted surgery for the repair of the heart’s mitral valve.

Three hundred consecutive surgeries were evaluated, and doctors found that about 3% of patients “required subsequent mitral valve replacement via a median sternotomy” and two about 1% “had mitral valve re-repair through a right mini-thoracotomy”.

The team followed up on patients, and found that mitral regurgitation occurred in 35% of patients.  Surgery that was intended to close the mitral valve failed and blood was allowed to flow through in the opposite direction (regurgitation).  In severe cases, this can be deadly.

Surgical Robots Lawsuits

Due to the fact that a high rate of complications is associated with surgical robots, and manufacturers such as Da Vinci have failed to warn patients and doctors and require (not merely “recommend”) training before using their devices in a clinical setting, a number of surgical robot lawsuits have been filed.

If you or a loved one underwent surgery assisted by robot and suffered long hospital stay or operating time, or faced complications as a result, you too may be entitled to significant compensation.  For a free, no-obligation case consultation, contact our team of surgical robot lawyers at the information provided below.  We have the compassion, resources, and skills required to win the justice you deserve.

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