Our law firm is currently investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of women who have suffered side effects of Mirena.  We believe the strongest cases will be those on behalf of women whose Mirena device migrated after being implanted, and the strongest of those cases will be those in which a woman suffered from a perforated uterus.  However, any woman who suffered a side effect of Mirena may in fact be eligible to file a Mirena lawsuit.

If you or a loved one used Mirena and suffered migration or uterine perforation, please feel free to contact our team of Mirena attorneys at Justinian PLLC for a free, no-obligation Mirena lawsuit consultation.
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Mirena lawsuits have been filed in Ohio, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  Mirena lawyers have filed a special type of motion to consolidate all Mirena lawsuits in Ohio.  If this motion is granted, it will create what is called an MDL, which means “Multi District Litigation.”  An MDL is used instead of a class action lawsuit.  The rules for class action lawsuits changed several years ago so there will not be a Mirena class action lawsuit.  Instead, the potential Mirena MDL will cover all or almost all Mirena lawsuits.

Mirena Migration Lawsuits

One of the most serious Mirena side effects is that of migration – when the Mirena device moves inside of the body of the woman it was implanted into.  Although Bayer  (the manufacturer of Mirena) suggests that migration is rare, medical evidence contradicts that claim.  The medical journal Radiographics published a study in April of 2012 that characterized migration as a “frequently encountered complication” of Mirena use.

Bayer has a legal obligation to adequately warn Mirena users of the risks of using the device.  Because it appears that Mirena migration may be a greater risk than Bayer warns about, women who were injured when their Mirena device migrated may be eligible to file a Mirena lawsuit.