As you can probably guess, the FDA has a large list of rules and regulations that food and drug companies must follow.  And as you can also probably guess, there is a form that the FDA fills out when a company violates one of those rules or regulations.  The form is called Form 483, and it explains what rules the company broke.

In virtually every defective drug lawsuit, Form 483’s come into play.  I spend a lot of time reading them myself, and I get to find out all kinds of interesting things about how factories are actually run.  If you’d like to read some real-life Form 483’s, then go to the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Electronic Reading Room.  The forms can be kind of boring, but you can find out a lot of information that can be critical in a drug lawsuit.

And if you haven’t guessed, pharmaecutical companies fight like hell to make sure that juries never see a Form 483.