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Beginning of the End for Monsanto?

Posted in Lawsuits, Politics, Public Health

A former farm worker named Enrique Rubio may just be the right “David” to take down “Goliath” chemical company Monsanto. Rubio filed suit against the manufacturer of Roundup® early last week, claiming that the company’s infamous herbicide is the cause of his bone cancer and inability to work. Roundup’s® safety has been hotly debated for… Continue Reading

Several Avenues for Healthcare Reform Outined

Posted in Politics

A recent article from Slate.com by Matthew Yglesias provides an interesting overview of problems and solutions in health care reform. Published Friday January 24th 2014, the report begins by citing a recent Gallup poll demonstrating a recent and dramatic decline in the number of Americans without health insurance.  Likely the result of the further implementation… Continue Reading

FDA Exerts New Authority over Compounding Pharmacies with Drug Quality and Security Act

Posted in FDA Regulation, Politics, Public Health

In the wake of the recent fungal meningitis outbreak that left 64 dead and infected some 751 Americans, traced back contaminated steroid injections from the New England Compounding Center (Framingham, MA), the United States Food and Drug Administration has sought greater oversight over the pharmacy compounding industry. To that end, Congress passed the Drug Quality… Continue Reading

2013 – New Bill Would Allow for Personal Importation of Drugs, Driving Down Prescription Costs

Posted in Politics, Public Health

It is no secret that Americans pay some of the highest prices for pharmaceutical drugs in the world.  And, while the Affordable Care Act will help maybe 50 million uninsured Americans secure health insurance, that law will have no effect on the overall price of medication. Soaring drug prices are likely the result of a… Continue Reading

Medicaid Expansion May Boost ER Visits

Posted in Politics, Public Health

A recent article published by HealthDay News on MedlinePlus, a service of the US National Library of Medicine, purports that “the expansion of Medicaid … could lead to more use of emergency departments instead of less”. This article cites new research that found Oregon users of Medicaid, “the publicly funded health insurance program for the… Continue Reading

ProPublica: Lack of Government Oversight, Coordination Puts Medicare Patients at Risk

Posted in Politics, Public Health

One recent article by ProPublica, a prominent investigative journalism outlet, chronicles a lack of proper government oversight and coordination that “can expose Medicare recipients to potentially unsafe medical treatment and keeps tax dollars flowing to unworthy providers”. The problem is this: some doctors who are terminated from Medicaid practice due to “inappropriate drug choices [that]… Continue Reading

Pacific Trade Agreement and Risks for US Food Safety

Posted in Politics, Public Health

The United States is currently working to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-nation trade agreement that by eliminating “tariffs and other barriers to goods and services trade and investment”, may result in risks for food safety in the US, says Democratic Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT). According an interview with Julian Hattem of RegWatch,… Continue Reading

Forbes: Obamacare Disincentives Medical Innovation

Posted in Politics

A recent article published by Forbes.com purports that Obamacare is harming the American healthcare system.  While the healthcare system we had before the Affordable Care Act was not perfect, it was more fundamentally sound than after the ACA took effect.  Problems with U.S. Health Care System should have been closely examined in 2009 and appropriate… Continue Reading

Maine Passes Law Allowing Importation of Potentially Fake Pharmaceuticals

Posted in Politics, Public Health

The wide range of tools the internet can provide has proven problematic in the regulation of prescription drugs that are sold from online pharmaceutical companies based in foreign countries.  Counterfeit drugs have exploded onto the scene and as reported by Forbes, the worldwide market for these drugs is estimated to be worth 75 billion dollars…. Continue Reading

Trade Groups Fight Drug Recycling Program Regulations in San Francisco Bay Area

Posted in Politics

A recent article by Eric Palmer of the pharmaceutical news website FiercePharmaManufacturing.com writes that some trade groups, including PhRMA are trying to overturn a law passed unanimously in Alameda County, California that requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay for a medication “recycling” program for currently in place in the San Francisco Bay area. As the law… Continue Reading

Sequester may or may not slow down approvals of generic drugs

Posted in Generic Drugs, Politics

Could go either way.  Probably won’t have any effect on whether or not injured consumers can sue if they took generics. Hamburg said FDA has collected $125 million in GDUFA fees for 2013 so far. However, she noted, the budget situation and sequestration have “significant implications” for using generic user fees and budget dollars. Budget… Continue Reading

Secret Payments to Doctors Will End in 2013

Posted in Politics

Earlier, I wrote about how doctors aren’t disclosing their financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.  Turns out that they soon will be: As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, drug, device and medical supply companies are required to list payments worth $10 or more to doctors in a public database that can… Continue Reading

Even under Obama, politics trumps science at the FDA & USDA

Posted in Politics

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that political back-scratching shouldn’t determine whether or not consumers eat tainted meat or take defective drugs: Scientists and inspectors at the federal agencies responsible for food safety say they face political and corporate interference with their work, according to a survey released Monday by the Union of… Continue Reading

Enading Pay-to-Delay deals will save taxpayers billions of dollars… and may save some lives, too.

Posted in Generic Drugs, Politics

Pay-to-delay deals help no one and nothing outside of the bottom lines of a few big pharmaceutical companies.  Here’s hoping they go away soon… FOR TOO LONG, pay-for-delay settlements have been an accepted part of the health-care landscape. In these deals, a brand-name drug manufacturer pays a generic competitor to delay its entry into the… Continue Reading

Pay-To-Delay Drug Deals Dying Due To Democrats

Posted in Politics

You tell me if this sounds competitive: Major pharmaceutical company develops new drug.  Minor pharmaceutical company wants to bring generic version on the market at a much lower price.  Major pharmaceutical company pays minor pharmaceutical company not to release the drug.  In the eyes of some pharmaceutical industries, and some Republicans, that is a competitive… Continue Reading