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Beginning of the End for Monsanto?

Posted in Lawsuits, Politics, Public Health

A former farm worker named Enrique Rubio may just be the right “David” to take down “Goliath” chemical company Monsanto. Rubio filed suit against the manufacturer of Roundup® early last week, claiming that the company’s infamous herbicide is the cause of his bone cancer and inability to work. Roundup’s® safety has been hotly debated for… Continue Reading

Proposed Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Manufacturer & Distributor of OxyElite Pro

Posted in FDA Regulation, Lawsuits, Safety Alerts

A man by the name of Sandeep Barot has filed a proposed consumer protection class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements that allegedly cause liver damage. See Barot v. USPLabs LLC et al., No. 1:14-cv-00562, complaint filed (D.N.J. Feb. 3, 2014). The defendant companies are USPLabs, LLC (“USPLabs”) and General Nutrition Center… Continue Reading

AndroGel manufacturer stirs up undue concern over “low-T”

Posted in Androgel, Lawsuits

As lawsuits concerning the testosterone therapy drug AndroGel have recently been filed, a great deal of information has come to light concerning the marketing of that product. Here is an excerpt from one of the current AndroGel lawsuits: “In 2000, when the FDA approved AndroGel, the company announced that the market was ‘four to five… Continue Reading

February 2014 – AndroGel Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

Posted in Androgel, Lawsuits

WARNING: Research shows AndroGel (AbbVie, Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Inc.) is overprescribed and can lead to “serious medical problems, including life threatening cardiac events, strokes, and thrombolytic events.” AndroGel is a topically-applied gel containing testosterone at concentrations of either 1% or 1.62% used by patients suffering from hypogonadism, or “low-testosterone”.  While this condition does persist in… Continue Reading

Internet Privacy Lawsuit: Google v. United States

Posted in Lawsuits

On October 26th, a federal court in California allowed a lawsuit against Google Inc. to proceed in which it is alleged that Google has violated privacy laws by scanning the emails of persons who do not use Google’s email service, Gmail, for the purpose of advertisement optimization. While it is currently legal for Google and… Continue Reading

Johnson and Johnson $2.2B Settlement for Illegal Marketing, Corruption

Posted in Lawsuits

As of November 4th, Johnson & Johnson agreed to a $2.2 billion deal in the settlement of pending criminal and civil charges that “alleged the healthcare giant illegally marketed its Risperal antipsychotic [along with Invega and Natrecor], and also paid kickbacks to physicians and Omnicare, the largest nursing home/pharmacy [company in the US,] to boost… Continue Reading

Big Pharma Could End Mass Tort Litigation, But It Is More Profitable To Get Sued

Posted in Lawsuits

That sounds crazy, I know.  But here’s my logic. The vast majority of pharmaceutical lawsuits are brought under what’s called a failure to warn theory of liability.  Failure-to-warn lawsuits allege that a manufacturer of a drug didn’t accurately inform a plaintiff about the risks associated with taking a specific drug.  If the manufacturer does give… Continue Reading

Small Settlements In Seroquel Lawsuits

Posted in Lawsuits

The fact that the average plaintiff will receive $10,000 doesn’t surprise me.  These were very, very difficult cases to prove. There are many causes of diabetes, and it’s pretty tough to prove that Seroquel is what caused it. AstraZeneca Plc agreed to pay $2 million to settle more than 200 cases over its antipsychotic drug… Continue Reading

CVS Sued for selling expired products

Posted in Lawsuits

Just goes to show you that you should always check expiration dates – even if you buy from reputable vendors. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday that his office is suing a unit of CVS Caremark Corp. for allegedly selling expired over-the-counter drugs and other products in its stores in Connecticut. In a statement,… Continue Reading

Class Action for Those Who Purchased Complete MoisturePlus

Posted in Lawsuits

Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to view some of the evidence against AMO in this case.  That evidence included graphic depictions of those who have lost their eyes or been forced to undergo eye surgery due to infections developed while using this solution.  (shudder)  Here’s some news about a class action lawsuit relating to the… Continue Reading