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Documents Available From Reglan (Metoclopramide) Lawsuits As of November of 2009

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Lawsuits over the drug Reglan (Metoclopramide) fascinate me because of the unique nature of the disorders the drug can cause.  Reglan can cause movement disorders like tardive dyskinesia.  Individuals suffering from these disorders lose control of their facial muscles and their limbs.  It’s incredibly strange to me that temporary use of this drug can cause… Continue Reading

New site launched to help people who developed a movement disorder after using Reglan or Metoclopramide

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Metoclopramide is the generic version of Reglan.  New evidence has shown that individuals who use Reglan for 12 or more weeks are at a greater risk of developing a movement disorder such as tardive dyskinesia.  Here’s the excerpt of a lawsuit filed against a Metoclopramide manufacturer: 23. The package inserts for metoclopramide products, and the… Continue Reading

Memorandum From the Department of Health and Human Services Regarding Metoclopramide (Reglan) and Tardive Dyskinesia

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This memo from Health and Human Services was produced during the discovery process of a Metoclopramide lawsuit.  The memo was filed with the court in 2005, so it presumably is older than that. The Division of Neuropharmacologic Drug Products requested an AERS review of cases of movement disorders and neuroleptic malignant syndrome relating to metoclopramide… Continue Reading

Plaintiff’s Expert Report in Metoclopramide Lawsuit Explains History of Drug and its Association With Tardive Dyskinesia

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This lengthy report explains the regulatory and clinical history of Reglan and Metoclopramide, including their association with movement disorders: My testimony will include discussion regarding enumerable published reports, that have been accumulating since 1978, that evidence that CAPs are strongly associated with Tardive Dyskinesia (hereafter TD) when given at sufficient dose for a sufficiently long… Continue Reading

Expert Report from Reglan Lawsuit Discusses FDA Regulations, and Side Effects of Reglan

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One of the claims made in most Reglan or Metoclopramide lawsuits is that the manufacturer of the drug failed to adequately warn the plaintiff of the risks of using the drug.  (One of the risks of using Reglan  or Metoclopramide is developing a movement disorder; Tardive Dyskinesia is a known side-effect of Reglan use.) The… Continue Reading

Expert Report Discussing Tardive Dyskinesia as a Side Effect of Metoclopramide & Reglan

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Steven Lamm, M.D., DTPH, gave the following expert report in a Reglan lawsuit.  The report establishes that some people who used Reglan or Metoclopramide for over 12 weeks developed movement disorders such as Tardive Dyskinesia.  "The literature on tardive dyskinesia and Metoclopramide begins with case reports and reports of case series. These reports demonstrate an… Continue Reading

A Reglan Lawsuit Where Identifying the Product is an Issue

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One of the things a plaintiff in a Reglan lawsuit will almost always have to prove is which manufacturer’s version of Reglan or Metoclopramide the plaintiff took.  While all versions of Metoclopramide have the same side effects, that usually isn’t enough to hold manufacturer A liable for injuries caused by manufacturer B’s product. Good Metoclopramide… Continue Reading

Wyeth and Schwarz’ Motion for Summary Judgment in a Reglan / Metoclopramide Lawsuit

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The lawyers for Wyeth and Schwarz filed this motion for summary judgment in Nevada.  One of the issues raised is whether Wyeth, as the firm that first brought Reglan to market, can be held liable if someone is injured while taking Metoclopramide, the generic form of Reglan. People who have used Metoclopramide or Reglan for… Continue Reading

Reglan Lawsuit Filed in Louisiana Against Wyeth

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This Reglan lawsuit was filed in Louisiana, and it alleges that Wyeth purposely concealed the side effects of long term usage of Reglan or Metoclopramide. 35. Defendant WYETH and its predecessors in interest had actual knowledge, through their own studies and studies by independent investigators, that doctors frequently prescribed Reglan/metoclopramide for long-term use that was… Continue Reading

Wyeth Acknowledges That Long Term Use of Reglan or Metoclopramide Causes Tardive Dyskinesia

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Here’s a relatively unusual motion filed by the pharmaceutical company Wyeth.  In the motion, Wyeth admits that Reglan & Metoclopramide cause Tardive Dyskinesia, and admits that Reglan or Metoclopramide probably caused the plaintiff’s Tardive Dyskinesia.  Wyeth just wants to exclude a portion of an expert’s testimony regarding the adequacy of the Reglan warning label. INTRODUCTION… Continue Reading

What Kind of Movement Disorders Does Reglan (Metoclopramide) Cause?

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I saw this diagnosis of a woman who was taking Metoclopramide (Reglan) for a long period of time: The patient stated that she started having jaw locking and subsequently chewing movement of her mouth since September 2001. Her tongue moves constantly, which resulted in slurred speech. She also developed left foot constant movement starting with… Continue Reading

Affidavit of Hal Morgenstern, Ph.D., in a Metoclopramide Lawsuit

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Hal Morgenstern filed this affidavit in a Metoclopramide lawsuit that alleges a woman developed Tardive Dyskinesia after long term use of Metoclopramide (generic Reglan.)  He filed this affidavit because the Reglan attorneys for Wyeth asked to court to exclude Morgenstern’s testimony on the grounds that it was scientifically unreliable under what is known as the… Continue Reading

Plaintiff’s Opening Brief in Reglan Lawsuit Appeal

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Earlier, I posted the second brief filed by Gladys Mensing in her Metoclopramide lawsuit.  Here’s the opening brief.  It gives an even better overview of the history of Metaclopramide litigation and the link between Tardive Dyskinesia and Metoclopramide.  Metoclopramide is of course the generic version of the prescription drug Reglan. There are many lawsuits in… Continue Reading

Plaintiff’s Appellate Brief in Reglan Lawsuit

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The following brief, filed in the 8th Circuit on behalf of Gladys Mensing gives a great deal of history both of Reglan (Metoclopramide) and of why lawsuits against Metoclopramide manufacturers shouldn’t be preempted.  It’s not a light read, but it’s a good one. Technorati Tags: Reglan,Metoclopramide,Tardive Dyskinesia,8th Circuit

Lawsuit Against Teva and Wal-Mart Alleges that Metoclopramide Causes Tardive Dyskinisia

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The following lawsuit, filed against Teva (the maker of Metoclopramide, a generic form of Reglan) and Wal-Mart, alleges that extended use of Metoclopramide causes Tardive Dyskinesia. If you think you have a movement disorder and you’re taking Reglan or Metoclopramide, why not contact me to have me put you in touch with a Reglan attorney… Continue Reading

Expert Report in Metoclopramide Lawsuit

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The following expert report from Swicegood v. Pliva, Inc. explains how Metoclopramide (generic Reglan) can cause movement disorders, such as Tardive Dystonia and Tardive Dyskinesia. I noticed that Robert Gale is mentioned here as well.  He’s the inventor of the Duragesic fentanyl patch; I’m not yet sure what involvement he has with Reglan / Metaclopramide…. Continue Reading