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Trasylol Cases Settling For $510,000 or so

Posted in Misc. Drugs

Back in 2008, I wrote about the sad story of Trasylol.   (I’ll wait if you want to read that post as background.)  Fast forward a little over two years, and many of the lawsuits filed over Trasylol are starting to settle.  That’s good news for the patients injured by Trasylol: Drugmaker Bayer AG has agreed… Continue Reading

Rituxan Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Quadriplegic

Posted in Misc. Drugs, Off Label Marketing

Some people don’t understand why pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t be allowed to engage in off-label marketing.  Here’s one reason: Peetz was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura in 1995, at age 11. According to the lawsuit, by 2003 Genentech and Biogen Idec were marketing Rituxan as an off-label treatment for Peetz’ condition, meaning the… Continue Reading

Avandia Lawyers Look Towards TIDE Study

Posted in Misc. Drugs

I’ve chatted with several Avandia lawyers about the fact that the FDA isn’t allowing anyone else to enroll in the TIDE study: WEDNESDAY, July 21 (HealthDay News) — No new patients will be permitted to enroll in a safety study of the controversial diabetes drug Avandia until further notice, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration… Continue Reading

Avandia Lawsuit Settlements Average $46,000

Posted in Misc. Drugs

There are still thousands of Avandia lawsuits pending, but apparently 10,000 of them will be settled: On Tuesday, Glaxo agreed to pay $460 million to settle thousands of lawsuits over Avandia, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the settlements. Glaxo will settle about 10,000 suits for an average of $46,000 each, Bloomberg said. A source… Continue Reading

Did GlaxoSmithKline Hide Information from the FDA About Avandia?

Posted in Misc. Drugs

If it weren’t for the Avandia lawyers who are suing GSK, this deposition would have never been taken.  That’s because, surprisingly, the FDA can’t subpoena GSK employees and records while any Avandia lawyer can. WASHINGTON—A former Food and Drug Administration official said the maker of diabetes drug Avandia withheld from regulators information suggesting the drug… Continue Reading

Gadolinium Attorneys Give History of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis In Gadolinium Lawsuit

Posted in Misc. Drugs

This lawsuit was filed in February of 2009 and gives an excellent history of NSF: 26. This is a personal injury claim relating to Eric Jenkins' development of, and subsequent death from, Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis ("NSF"), also known as Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy ("NFD"). 27. NSF/NFD develops only in patients with renal insufficiency, such as Eric… Continue Reading

Gadolinium Lawyers Sue Makers of Omniscan and Magnevist, Alleging They Cause NSF

Posted in Misc. Drugs

This Gadolinium lawsuit was filed in December of 2008 against the makers of a variety of MRI contrast dies that contain the paramagnetic metal Gadolinium: 47. Omniscan is an injectable paramagnetic contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging and arteriography. It contains the metal gadolinium, which is highly toxic in its free state. Omniscan, the chemical… Continue Reading

Gadolinium Lawsuit Filed For Plaintiff Who Contracted Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

Posted in Misc. Drugs

This Gadolinium lawsuit was filed in October of 2009 in New York.  This lawsuits gives a good background about Gadolinium and its association with Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis: 52. Gadolinium is cleared from the body by glomerular filtration in the kidneys. As a result, it has a prolonged half-life in patients with renal insufficiency and who,… Continue Reading

Second Fosamax Test Case Dismissed

Posted in Misc. Drugs

There are many lawsuits pending against Merck over its drug Fosamax.  There is evidence that the drug causes necrosis of the jaw.  I’ve seen pictures of people with this disease, and they look like normal people with the jaw of a rotting corpse.  It’s a terrible, horrible disease.  At this time, I don’t know of… Continue Reading

New Warning for Users of Meridia

Posted in Misc. Drugs, Safety Alerts

This is fresh from the FDA.  If you’re using Meridia (Sibutramine) you may want to bring this up with your doctor: FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that it is reviewing preliminary data from a recent study suggesting that patients using sibutramine have a higher number of cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke, resuscitated cardiac arrest,… Continue Reading

New Information About Drugs Used In Shoulder Pain Pumps

Posted in Misc. Drugs, Safety Alerts

One area I haven’t written much about yet is the association of chrondrolysis with drugs used in certain shoulder pain pumps.  Here’s some fresh information on that topic from the FDA: FDA notified healthcare professionals of 35 reports of chondrolysis (necrosis and destruction of cartilage) in patients given continuous intra-articular infusions of local anesthetics with… Continue Reading

FDA Taking Interest In Link Between Gadolinium and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF)

Posted in FDA Regulation, Misc. Drugs

I think I first learned about the link in early 2008.  Nice to see the FDA taking an interest. WASHINGTON, Nov 17 (Reuters) – Some contrast agents used with magnetic resonance imaging scans appear to carry a higher risk of a potentially fatal skin disease than others, U.S. drug reviewers said in documents released on… Continue Reading

Warning About Iron Dextran Injections

Posted in Misc. Drugs, Safety Alerts

I don’t always post FDA alerts, but when one involves possible fatalities, I do. [Posted 10/16/2009] American Regent and FDA notified healthcare professionals that anaphylactic-type reactions, including fatalities, have followed the parenteral administration of iron dextran injection. The Boxed Warning has been modified to recommend administering a test dose prior to the first therapeutic dose… Continue Reading

FDA Issues Warning on Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) and Tysabri

Posted in Misc. Drugs, Safety Alerts

Do you subscribe to FDA warning alerts?  Well, if not, you should.  Because if you did you’d get informative emails like this one: Audience: Neurological healthcare professionals, patients [Posted 09/17/2009] FDA continues to receive reports of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) in patients receiving Tysabri.  Tysabri was approved by the FDA for the treatment of relapsing… Continue Reading

Does Alli Cause Liver Failure?

Posted in Misc. Drugs

The FDA is investigating that very question: FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that it is reviewing new safety information regarding reports of liver-related adverse events in patients taking orlistat. Orlistat is marketed in the United States as a prescription product, Xenical, and as an over-the-counter (OTC) product, Alli. Between 1999 and October 2008, 32… Continue Reading

New Website Launched Dealing With Zicam Lawsuits

Posted in DangerousDrugs.US, Misc. Drugs

I’ve just launched www.findtherightzicamlawyer.com, which will archive the many documents and court filings related to lawsuits against the makers of Zicam.  Zicam was recalled from the market because the FDA had received well over 100 reports of people losing their sense of smell after using Zicam. Zicam is a homeopathic remedy, meaning its makers didn’t… Continue Reading