A 2011 repot has shown that use of diabetes drug Duetact® (glimepiride and pioglitazone), manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals is associated with a dramatically-increased risk of bladder cancer.  Duetact®, a drug that works by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin, contains two chemicals proven to be carcinogenic: sulfonylurea and pioglitazone.  Sulfonylurea has been previously linked to

Recently, an ingredient in Duetact®, a popular Type-II diabetes drug, has been found to be associated with an increased risk for bladder cancer.  While another research team (Piccinni et al, 2011) published a report linking pioglitazone to bladder cancer, this report, titled “Mortality and Other Important Diabetes-Related Outcomes With Insulin vs Other Antihyperglycemic Therapies