Depacon / Depakene / Depakote

Titled “Malformation in infants of mothers with epilepsy receiving antiepileptic drugs.”, a piece of Japanese medical research by S. Kaneko et al. published in April, 1992 helps show just how long it has been known that prenatal exposure to epilepsy drugs containing valproate is linked to birth defects.  Depacon, Depakote, and Depakene are

In April, 2002, a team of medical researchers from Aberdeen (UK) led by J.C. Dean published a study titled “Long term health and neurodevelopment in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs before birth.” in Journal of Medical Genetics investigating the link between neonatal and later childhood morbidity “in children exposed to antiepileptic drugs [AEDs]

In February, 2011, C. Nadebaum and a British research team published a piece in Neurology titled “Language skills of school-aged children prenatally exposed to antiepileptic drugs.” that provides important insight into the connection between antiepileptic drugs containing sodium valproate (Depacon, Depakene, and Depakote) and birth defects.

Nadebaum et

A 2005 article in Acta Neurologica Scandinavica by F.J. Vajda and a team from University of Melbourne (Australia) titled “Maternal valproate dosage and foetal malformations.” further elucidates the connection between prenatal exposure to antiepileptic drugs like Depacon and birth defects.  Because the manufacturers (Abbott Laboratories) failed to warn women of this risk in