Published in the January, 2012 edition of Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, an article by F.J. Vajda titled “Teratogenicity of the newer antiepileptic drugs–the Australian experience.” provides important insight into the connection between valproate-containing antiepileptic drugs such as Depacon, Depakene, and Depakote (Abbott Laboratories) and birth defects including spina bifida and developmental disorders including Autism.

Reviewing data from the Australian Pregnancy Register, the team evaluated pregnancy outcomes for “1317 women with epilepsy (WWE)”

“The incidence of malformations associated with lamotrigine monotherapy was 12/231 (5.2%), with topiramate 1/31 (3.2%) and with levetiracetam 0/22 (0%). This compares with rates of 1/35 (2.9%) for phenytoin, 35/215 (16.3%) for valproate (VPA), 19/301 (6.3%) for carbamazepine and 6/116 (5.2%) for untreated women. There was no evidence of dose-dependent risks of foetal malformation, except with VPA monotherapy.”

This article could be used in a Depacon birth defect lawsuit to demonstrate to a court that Abbott knew, or should have known, the range of risks linked to their product and failed to act.

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