A study titled “Fetal effects of anticonvulsant polytherapies: different risks from different drug combinations.” by L.B. Holmes and a team from MassGeneral Hospital for Children (Boston, MA) published in the October, 2011 edition of Archives of Neurology further explores the link between in utero exposure to epilepsy drugs containing valproate (Depacon and other drugs by Abbott Laboratories, Inc.) and heart defects, neurological birth defects, autism, and other poor birth outcomes.

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Studying “women enrolled during pregnancy in the North American AED (Antiepileptic Drug) Pregnancy Registry between February 1, 1997, and June 1, 2010” the team included 6,857 women using AEDs in total.

Results showed that “The risk of malformations was 1.9% among infants exposed to lamotrigine as monotherapy (n = 1441). Among the infants exposed to lamotrigine as polytherapy (n = 505), the risks were 9.1% for lamotrigine plus valproate sodium (OR, 5.0; 95% CI, 1.5-14.0) and 2.9% for lamotrigine plus any other AEDs (1.5; 0.7-3.0).”  This means that the risk for birth defects was higher if the fetus was also exposed to valproate.

The team also found that “The risk of malformations was 2.9% for the infants exposed to carbamazepine monotherapy (n = 1012). For the infants exposed to carbamazepine as polytherapy (n = 365), the risks were 15.4% for carbamazepine plus valproate (OR, 6.2; 95% CI, 2.0-16.5) and 2.5% for carbamazepine plus any other AEDs (0.8; 0.3-1.9),” meaning that valproate raised the risk for birth defects 7-fold over other drugs used in polytherapy.

As such, the team concluded that “The risk of malformations among infants exposed to lamotrigine and carbamazepine as polytherapy was higher than the corresponding monotherapies only when the polytherapy includes valproate.”

Because Abbott Laboratories has failed time and again to warn expecting mothers of the risks for birth defects, Depacon birth defect lawsuits have been filed by the thousands in recent years.

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