An article published in 2010 by A. Udechuku et al. titled “Antidepressants in pregnancy: a systematic review.” further demonstrates the dangers of SSRI use in pregnancy.

A meta-analysis, this study reviewed previously conducted studies published in the literature and looked to see if there was a trend in data.  The team writes that with respect to SSRIs and birth defects, 35 studies were identified, of which 12 studies showed that use of SSRIs in early pregnancy may lead to a higher rate of birth defects.

Four of seven studies identified showed that maternal SSRI use elevated the risk of spontaneous abortion, 15 of 19 studies identified showed that SSRI use raised the risk for preterm birth, and 8 of 23 studies showed that in vitro exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors raised the risk for abnormal birth rate.

Fifteen of seventeen relevant studies showed that babies exposed to SSRI drugs in the uterus had poor neonatal adaptation.

Concluding, the team states that “some significant areas of concern exist, particularly some evidence of higher risk of preterm birth, neonatal adaptation difficulties and congenital cardiac malformations (with paroxetine).”  (To be clear, paroxetine is the chemical name for the drug Paxil.)

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