An article published in the March, 2014 edition of The American Journal of Cardiology titled “Effect of Change in Body Weight on Incident Diabetes Mellitus in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease Treated With Atorvastatin (from the Treating to New Targets Study).” by KL Ong et al. aimed to further clarify the link between Lipitor use and new onset diabetes.

While Lipitor and other drugs in the statin class are highly effective in reducing the risk for adverse cardiac events, a great deal of research has come out linking Lipitor and diabetes, a risk of which patients should at the very least be aware.

This research team “investigated whether change in body weight may predict NODM in statin-treated patients” and “7,595 patients without prevalent diabetes mellitus at baseline from the Treating to New Targets (TNT) study were included in this analysis.”  After a great deal of statistical analysis, the team concluded that “1-year change in body weight is predictive of NODM in patients who underwent statin therapy from the TNT trial” and stated that “Our study highlights the importance of weight control as a lifestyle measure to prevent statin-related NODM.”

Due to the fact that a number of patients have used Lipitor unaware of the increased risk for diabetes as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to warn, a number of Lipitor lawsuits have been filed.

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