A 2007 article by N. Mondaini et al. titled “Finasteride 5 mg and sexual side effects: how many of these are related to a nocebo phenomenon?” published in Journal of Sexual Medicine provides important insight into the connection between finasteride (the active chemical in the hair loss drug Propecia and the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) drug Proscar) and long-term sexual side-effects.

The authors write “Sexual adverse experiences such as erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of libido, and ejaculation disorders have been consistent side effects of finasteride in a maximum percentage of 15% after 1 year of therapy.”

Studying 120 patients suffering from BPH who used finasteride for one year, half of whom were aware of sexual side effects and half of whom were not, the team found that “the incidence of ED, decreased libido, and ejaculation disorders were 9.6, 7.7, and 5.7% for group 1, and 30.9, 23.6, and 16.3% for group 2, respectively.”  While this study shows that the incidence of sexual side-effects may be impacted by patient expectation of those side-effects, the overall rate of adverse sexual side effects was high, and much higher than that reported in the Proscar warning label.

Due to the fact that many people have used finasteride unaware of the risk for adverse sexual side-effects, a number of Propecia lawsuits and Proscar lawsuits are currently being filed.  If you or a loved one used Propecia or Proscar and experienced adverse sexual side effects, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation for your injury.  For a free, no-obligation case consultation contact our team or Propecia lawyers and Proscar lawyers at the information provided below.  We have the compassion, experience, and resources required to win the justice you deserve.

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