In 2013, an article titled “Statins and risk of treated incident diabetes in a primary care population.” appearing in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology aimed to determine whether or not statin use raises the risk for new onset diabetes.  Statin drugs include Lipitor, Crestor, and others and are prescribed to lower low-density cholesterol.  Researchers also set out to determine if higher doses or longer durations of use created more risk for diabetes.

For data, this team of researchers collected data from a national pharmaceutical records agency in Ireland and identified 239,628 patients who used statin drugs between January 1st, 2002, and December 31st 2007.  Of those patients, researchers found that 38,503 patients began using diabetes medication during that period, indicating that 38,503 cases of diabetes began while using statin medications.

After a series of statistical analyses, this team found that “Statin use was associated with an increased risk of new onset treated diabetes,” raising the risk for diabetes by 18% over non-users.  Not all statin drugs were found to raise the risk for diabetes equally, and Lipitor was found to raise the risk by 23%.  Researchers also found “There were statistically significant overall dose and duration effects for all statins, excepting fluvastatin, which only demonstrated a duration effect.”

Concluding that “An increased risk of new onset treated diabetes was found in those treated with statins showing significant duration and dose effect,” and due to the fact that Lipitor manufacturers fail to adequately warn for an increased risk for diabetes, this paper can be used as evidence in a Lipitor lawsuit to indicate that manufacturers knew, but failed to act.

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