In 2012, A. Neumann et al. published a study titled “Pioglitazone and risk of bladder cancer among diabetic patients in France: a population-based cohort study.” in Diabetologica that studied the risk for bladder cancer among French diabetic patients using Actos (pioglitazone), a drug used to control blood sugar manufactured by Tadeka Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

According to the study team, “The cohort included patients aged 40 to 79 years who filled a prescription for a glucose-lowering drug in 2006” and was “followed for up to 42 months.”  In all, the study included “1,491,060 diabetic patients, 155,535 of whom were exposed to pioglitazone”.  Finding that 175 of the patients who used Actos developed bladder cancer and 1,841 patients who did not use the drug suffered bladder cancer, the team determined that the risk for bladder cancer was 22% higher in the Actos group.

Further, the team found that if patients used a larger total amount of Actos over the years (greater than or equal to 28,000 mg), the risk for bladder cancer was 75% higher than for non-users.

As this paper concluded that “pioglitazone exposure was significantly associated with increased risk of bladder cancer”, it may be used as evidence in an Actos lawsuit to demonstrate to court that the manufacturer of Actos failed to act when it knew, or should have known, that this drug was associated with bladder cancer.

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