In 2012, GS Whitwell et al. published a report in the medical journal Hip International titled “The articular surface replacement implant recall: a United Kingdom district hospital experience.” summarizing the experience of one hospital after the 2010 DePuy ASR recall.

At the time of the ASR recall in 2010, 111 of 121 recently implanted DePuy hips were surviving, suggesting a revision rate of 8%.  Shortly after the recall, another seven hips “were listed for revision and a further 9 were kept under close surveillance,” making the revision rate just above 13%.

“One year after completion of the recall process 23 hips (19 ASR/XL and 4 RHA’s) had been revised” and sadly, “A diagnosis of adverse reaction to metal debris (ARMD) was made at surgery in all but two hips.”

The team further writes that “Our current revision rate for ASR RHA is 19% (mean follow-up 62 months, range 29-80) and for the ASR/XL is 19% (mean follow-up 53 months, range 10-80)” and places the 5-year survival rate of the DePuy ASR hip replacements at just over 80%.  Whitwell et al. warn that “Given experience elsewhere we expect this rate may increase significantly with time.”

Due to the fact that many papers similar to this have been published, demonstrating that DePuy knew, or should have known, the real revision rates for its products, a number of DePuy ASR lawsuits have been filed.  If you or a loved one used a DePuy ASR and suffered premature device failure, elevated blood metal ion levels, or another ASR complication, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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