An article appearing in the May, 2013 edition of Orthopedics titled “Prevalence of adverse reactions to metal debris following metal-on-metal THA.” by M. Hasegawa et al. lives up to its title and aimed to “determine the prevalence of adverse reactions to metal debris (ARMD) following large-diameter metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty.”

In recent years, a number of articles have been published connecting the use of metal-on-metal hip replacements and the presence of pseudotumors.  These authors “examined the potential for using magnetic resonance imaging to screen for pseudotumors in 108 hips 2 years postoperatively” and “Serum cobalt and chromium concentrations were measured in 80 hips that underwent unilateral total hip arthroplasty.”

With MRI, Hasegawa et al (2013) found “9 patients (10 hips, 9%). Five of these 10 hips were symptomatic and underwent revision surgery. Two other patients underwent revision surgery due to symptomatic cup loosening” with evidence of pseudotumors.  In all, “Ten patients (12 hips)” had adverse reactions to metal debris.

Doctors found “Serum cobalt and chromium concentrations were significantly higher in hips with ARMD than hips without ARMD.”  So understandably, the authors concluded that “Elevated metal ion levels suggest that ARMD is associated with increased metal wear” and “Magnetic resonance imaging provides sensitive screening for pseudotumors following metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty.”

Due to the fact that manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacements such as DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. (manufacturer of the recalled ASR and ASR XL hip replacements) have failed time and again to notify users of these risks associated with their devices, a number of DePuy ASR lawsuits have been filed.  If you or a loved one has used an ASR hip replacement and suffered premature ASR failure or other complications such as those described above, you too may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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