We are no longer accepting cases regarding these products.  Due to a terrible Supreme Court ruling, consumers injured by this product are no longer permitted to sue the manufacturers of this device.  We wish we could help, but the Supreme Court has taken the rights of citizens away to protect the profits of medical device manufacturers.  For more information, please read the following New York Times article entitled “Medical Device Ruling Redraws Lines on Lawsuits.

A short article by A. Matveychuk, published in the April 2011 edition of Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases titled “Pulmonary complications following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding.” illustrated several pulmonary complications found in connection with use of the Allergan LAP-BAND gastric banding system.

These researchers write that, “Laparoscopic adjustable silicone banding (LAP-BAND) has rapidly gained acceptance and is now considered the most common bariatric operation” but warn that “no data have been issued concerning pulmonary complications following the procedure.”

Thus, the team reports that “We have recently experienced 3 cases of pulmonary complications following LAP-BAND surgery: 1 patient with pulmonary cavitation and 2 with bronchiectasis.”

“Pulmonary cavitation” is defined by Dr Yuranga Weerakkody and Dr Frank Gaillard et al. of Radiopaedia.org as the formation of “gas-filled areas of the lung in the center of a nodule, mass or area of consolidation and may be clinically observed by use of plain chest radiography or computed tomography.”

Bronchiectasis, on the other hand, is explained by MedlinePlus (an online medical encyclopedia curated by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health) as “destruction and widening of the large airways.”

Accordingly, Matveychuk et al. (2011) conclude that “Pulmonary physicians should be aware of the possibility of long-term pulmonary complications in patients who have undergone LAP-BAND surgery.”

Due to the fact that Allergan failed to warn of these complications and of other complications such as LAP-BAND erosion, pouch dilation, and band slippage sufficiently, a number of Allergan LAP-BAND lawsuits were filed.


Our Allergan LAP-BAND Lawsuit Information page is a great place to start if you have any questions about the Allergan LAP-BAND.