In 2009, a study on the effects two antipsychotic medications – risperidone (Risperdal) and olanzapine had on sex hormone levels was published in Psychoneuroendocrinology.

For years, many studies have been published connecting Risperdal and elevated prolactin levels (the hormone responsible for breast growth and milk production), demonstrating that Risperdal may lead to gynecomastia – male breast growth.  Among other things, this study, by B. Konarzewska et al., a Polish research team, aimed to determine what effect these two popular antipsychotic drugs had on prolactin, testosterone, estradiol, LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), and testicular peptide hormone-inhibin B.  In all, the study included 89 male schizophrenic patients who used one of the two medications daily.

After the study had gone on for three weeks, patients’ blood was tested, and it was found that prolactin and testicular peptide hormone-inhibin B were higher in Risperdal users compared to olanzapine users, and that testosterone was lower in Risperdal users compared to that in patients who used olanzapine.

After eight weeks, the end of the study, “the mean serum prolactin level was markedly higher in patients taking risperidone, whereas their FSH levels were lower than in patients receiving olanzapine.”  Researchers also found that “In all investigated groups, except for the risperidone-hyperprolactinemic group inhibin B levels were negatively correlated with serum FSH” and “The mean LH, FSH, testosterone and estradiol levels were within the normal reference range at initial and final evaluation.”

As such, the team concluded that “Risperidone elicited higher PRL elevation than olanzapine. Treatment with this medication can be associated with disturbances in reproductive hormones (testosterone) and gonadotropins (FSH)” among other things.  (“PRL” means serum prolactin level.)

Due to the fact that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Risperdal has failed time and again to adequately warn users of the risk for male breast growth, a number of Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuits are currently being filed.

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