In a 2005 report by XY Zhang et al. titled “Prolactin levels in male schizophrenic patients treated with risperidone and haloperidol: a double-blind and randomized study.” published in Psychopharmacology, researchers aimed to “compare the effect of risperidone and haloperidol on serum PRL and investigate the relationship between serum PRL levels and clinical response in patients with schizophrenia.”  For clarity, “PRL” refers to blood levels of prolactin, the hormone responsible for breast development and milk production.  Risperidone (Risperdal) and haloperidol (Haldol) are two commonly-used antipsychotic medications, though historically, Risperdal is more commonly associated than other similar drugs with elevated prolactin levels and consequent gynecomastia – male breast growth.

This report studied 78 schizophrenic patients, “randomly assigned to 12 weeks of treatment with 6 mg/day of risperidone or 20 mg/day of haloperidol after a 2-week washout period”.  When testing prolactin levels, researchers were not aware of which drug each patient had used, nor were patients aware of which drug they were administered.  In this way, this was a “double-blind” study.

Results showed that “Both risperidone and haloperidol treatment significantly increased serum PRL levels in drug-free chronic schizophrenia patients”.  But, “Considering dose-adjusted serum PRL levels, risperidone treatment induced a significant elevation of PRL levels compared with haloperidol treatment at the haloperidol equivalent”.  As such, the team concluded that “Risperidone is associated with a robust effect on prolactin secretion in contrast to the conventional antipsychotic haloperidol” and “Prolactin monitoring during risperidone treatment should be performed.”

Due to the fact that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Risperdal, has time and again failed to notify users of the risk for male breast growth, a number of Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuits have been filed.  If you or a loved one used Risperdal and suffered male breast growth or another negative side effect, you too may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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