According to a recent study, flu vaccines may be more effective in women than in men.

MedlinePlus, an online medical encyclopedia curated by the US National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine made the following report:

“Researchers measured immune responses in 53 women and 34 men after they received their seasonal flu vaccination. The women produced a higher immune response in reaction to the vaccine. Testing was then done using different influenza strains and differences in gender-related immune responses were highest for the H3N2 strain.

The researchers say the gender differences are possibly due to a set of genes that may be regulated by testosterone. Men with the highest testosterone levels had the weakest antibody responses to the flu vaccine.

The CDC recommends that everyone who is at least 6 months of age should get a seasonal flu vaccine.” (hyperlinks added)

Follow this link to see a video explanation of these findings.  More to come as this story unfolds!