An article titled “California Firm Recalls Bolognese Sauce Products Due To Undeclared Allergen And Misbranding”, written by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, reports that the agency has forced the recall of 5,616 pounds of Armanino brand Bolognese sauce products.  The company did not properly label all of their products including milk as one of the ingredients found in the food.  This undeclared allergen could cause serious health problems for some people, and every product must be labeled with any and all known allergens it contains.

The products were sold in Hayward and San Francisco, California.  They did not have the USDA mark of inspection.  While there have been no reports of negative reactions from consumption of the mislabeled products, anyone who is concerned should contact their healthcare provider.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service has ways to check that their recall ability is effective,  making sure that recalling firms are performing their duties by notifying customers of the recall and ensuring that the product is no longer being sold.  The Food Safety and Inspection Service has a virtual representative that can be used 24 hours a day for any consumers who have questions or concerns.