A number of recently-published studies have drawn the connection between use of the antipsychotic Risperdal and gynecomastia, male breast development.  One study researching this connection was published in The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology in 2012, and was titled “Risk of hyperprolactinemia and sexual side effects in males 10-20 years old diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders or disruptive behavior disorder and treated with risperidone.”.

To be clear, hyperprolactinemia is an ailment characterized by elevated blood levels of prolactin, the hormone responsible for breast development and milk production.

This 2012 study observed a group of “10-20-year-old males” with autism spectrum disorders (89 patients) and disruptive behavior disorders (9 patients) who were prescribed Risperdal — called “Group 1,” and compared prolactin levels and prolactin-related side-effects to 47 similarly-aged boys who did not use Risperdal — called “Group 2”.

Results showed that “Hyperprolactinemia was present in 47% of subjects in group 1 but only in 2% of subjects in group 2 (odds ratio 71.9; 95% CI, 7.7; 676.3). Forty-six percent of subjects in group 1 had asymptomatic hyperprolactinemia.”  This means that Risperdal use made patients nearly 72 times as likely to suffer hyperprolactinemia than non-users.

Results also showed that “Gynecomastia and sexual dysfunction were present in 43% and 14% of the subjects in group 1, respectively, compared with 21% and 0% of subjects in group 2”.  That is, male breast enlargement was found to be about twice as common in Risperdal users compared to patients who used no antipsychotic.

Due to the fact that the Risperdal Warning Label grossly understates the risk for gynecomastia associated with moderate-dose Risperdal use, a number of Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuits are currently being filed.

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