Notes from the 2010 annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons demonstrate concern over the fact that metal ions can be released into the bloodstreams of metal-on-metal hip replacement patients, and state that the “Size, design, and position of resurfacing cups are critical factors leading to metal ion release,” but warn that “Definitive cup position for the reduction of blood metal ion levels has yet to be established.”

This means that while doctors had determined some factors that are associated with less metal ion release into the blood, they had yet to establish factors that will lead to a decrease in blood metal ion levels – that is, all sizes, designs, and positions of hip resurfacing cups are associated with some increase in blood metal ion levels.

The range and severity of health consequences that can result from increased blood metal ion levels are not as yet fully understood by the medical community, but it is well-known that metallosis (metal poisoning) can result, and that pseudotumors and increased risk for cancer mortality are associated with the use of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems.  Though the physiobiochemical mechanism by which metal particles in the blood cause cancer has not been elucidated, associations have been made, and these associations ought to be made clear by the manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems.

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