Author Y.M. Kwon, from the Nuffield Orthopedic Center in Oxford, England conducted a study titled “Analysis of Wear of Retrieved Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing Implants Revised Due to Pseudotumours”.  Tiny particles of metal can break off from the implants and enter the bloodstream.  Elevated levels of metal in the blood can lead to severe health conditions and possible metal poisoning (metallosis).  This poisoning can be seen by a rash that may develop around the implant and tissue around the implant can begin to die. The immune system responds by stimulating the inflammation response but this does not always solve the problem.

Y.M. Kwon states that “The presence of pseudo tumors; which are soft-tissue masses relating to the hip, after metal-on-metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty has been associated with elevated levels of metal ions in serum, suggesting that pseudotumours occur when there is increased wear.”  Elevated levels of metal in the blood have been associated with tumors and while this finding is not new, long term health effects of this elevated state are not well known.

The study placed its patients into two groups, one that had implants revised for pseudo tumors and a control group who had their implants revised for other reasons.  It was found that the group that needed pseudo tumor related revision had a higher rate of wear than the control group.  One weak point of the implant is where the head of the femur meets with the pelvis and better lubrication of this area may help reduce wear material breaking off and entering the blood.

Sadly, many people have entered into hip replacement surgery unaware of the risk for metallosis and associated pseudotumors that may come with the use of metal-on-metal hips.  Because of this, a number of hip replacement lawsuits have been filed, particularly against DePuy, the company responsible for the recently recalled DePuy ASR™ and DePuy ASR™ XL hip replacement systems.

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