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Monthly Archives: October 2013

PhRMA unhappy with Maine’s new drug import law

Posted in Legal Issues

As reported by FDA News, the state of Maine has passed a law that green lights the use of imported prescription drugs through internet pharmacies.  The new law goes against past federal restrictions on drug imports that were established in order to inhibit the sale and use of medication that did not meet the federal… Continue Reading

2013 – Study shows Lipitor users 22% more likely to develop diabetes over other drugs

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Published in May 2013 in The British Medical Journal, a study by AA Carter et al. titled “Risk of incident diabetes among patients treated with statins: population based study.” aimed to evaluate the risk for new onset diabetes posed by different cholesterol lowering drugs. This study evaluated the health of patients over 66 years of… Continue Reading

2011 – Meta-analysis shows Lipitor associated with increased risk for diabetes

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An April 2011 study published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology titled “Predictors of new-onset diabetes in patients treated with atorvastatin: results from 3 large randomized clinical trials.” aimed “to examine the incidence and clinical predictors of new-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) within 3 large randomized trials with atorvastatin.” (Atorvastatin is the… Continue Reading

2012 – Lipitor users 29% more likely to develop diabetes than non-users

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In 2012, an article titled “Statins and new-onset diabetes: a retrospective longitudinal cohort study.” published in Clinical Therapeutics by T. Ma et al. aimed to “investigate the association between statins and NOD.” (NOD stands for new onset diabetes, and “statins” are a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs including Crestor, Lipitor, and others.) This study was “a… Continue Reading

2009 – Saftey of Amplatzer ASO evaluated

Posted in Atrial Septal Occluders

An Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) is a birth defect of the heart characterized by an opening between the left and right atria that failed to close after birth.  People suffering from an ASD typically have low blood oxygen levels, due to deoxygenated blood passing through the opening in the heart and mixing with oxygen rich… Continue Reading

2009 – Study shows rare, but deadly complications associated with Amplatzer atrial septal occluder

Posted in Atrial Septal Occluders

An atrial septal defect (ASD) is a condition of the heart characterized by an opening that failed to close after birth.  The opening is located between the left and right atria, which are two of the four chambers in the heart.  When the opening between these chambers exists it allows de-oxygenated blood to mix with… Continue Reading

2011 – High dose statin therapy associated with new onset diabetes and “major cardiovascular events”

Posted in Lipitor

Recent research has shown that drugs in the “statin” class may lead some to develop diabetes.  Diabetes is a serious medical condition wherein the body to adequately control the sugar level in the blood.  Insulin is an enzyme produced by the pancreas that allows sugar to enter the cells, and cells need this sugar for… Continue Reading

2010 – Lipitor, other statin drugs found to raise risk for diabetes

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The human body produces a certain enzyme that when received by the liver, initiates the production of cholesterol.  A class of drugs called “statins” block those enzymes from reaching the liver.  As such, the liver never receives the signal to produce cholesterol, so the overall level of cholesterol in the blood decreases.  Excess cholesterol in… Continue Reading

Oil leak concerns after Colorado floods

Posted in Public Health

As if the recent Colorado floods that claimed eight innocent lives, forced thousands from their homes, and caused over $2 billion in property damage had not been sufficiently catastrophic, the New York Times now reports that 37,000 gallons of oil have spilled due to “swamped wells, broken pipes and [flood waters sweeping] huge oil tanks… Continue Reading

St. Jude Amplatzer ASO fails in 7.8% of cases

Posted in Atrial Septal Occluders

An Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) is a cardiovascular birth malformation.  The condition is characterized by an opening between two chambers of the heart, the left and right atria.  This opening closes after birth in healthy individuals but may fail to close for others, thus forming an ASD.  An ASD is problematic because it causes low… Continue Reading

About 10% of Penile Implants Require Surgery to Fight Infection

Posted in Penile Implants

We are no longer accepting cases regarding these products.  Due to a terrible Supreme Court ruling, consumers injured by this product are no longer permitted to sue the manufacturers of this device.  We wish we could help, but the Supreme Court has taken the rights of citizens away to protect the profits of medical device… Continue Reading