We are no longer accepting cases regarding these products.  Due to a terrible Supreme Court ruling, consumers injured by this product are no longer permitted to sue the manufacturers of this device.  We wish we could help, but the Supreme Court has taken the rights of citizens away to protect the profits of medical device manufacturers.  For more information, please read the following New York Times article entitled “Medical Device Ruling Redraws Lines on Lawsuits.

For some men, the only way to correct erectile dysfunction is through the implantation of a penile prosthesis.  The surgery required for these implants is delicate and serious complications such as mechanical failure, protrusion of the implant through the skin, and infections can occur.  Sometimes, painful reoperation may the only way to reverse these negative complications.

Author WL Furlow from The Department of Urology at Mayo Clinic worked on an article called “Implantation of Model AMS 700 Penile Prosthesis:  Long-Term Results”, where the goal was to review how certain adjustments made to AMS 700 penile prostheses (American Medical Systems) improved device use and patient satisfaction with the procedure in general.

Furlow states that “the American Medical Systems inflatable penile prosthesis has undergone periodic design changes to improve device reliability and longevity while maintaining a high degree of patient and partner satisfaction.”  Past studies done on the AMS 700 penile prosthesis did not take into account the changes made to the design of the implant, so assessment of the reliability may have been skewed.

In all, 120 patients were evaluated who had been implanted with the AMS 700 inflatable penile prosthesis; using the same inflatable prosthesis in all evaluations made it possible to determine the positives and negatives of this one type of implant.  Just over 11% of patients required revision surgery to correct complications that arose after surgery, but the review found that the model 700 implant has a 97 percent chance of working for at least 3 years without mechanical failure.

Due to the fact that many men have entered into penile prosthesis surgery unaware of the rate at which revision surgery is required, a number of penile implant lawsuits have been filed around the country.

Our Penile Prosthesis Lawsuit Information page is a great place to start if you have any questions about penile prostheses.