Serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Escitalopram are prescribed for depression and anxiety.  Over 40 million Americans suffer from depression or anxiety, leading these to be the most common mental illness in the United States today.  The Department of Motherisk Program, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, conducted a study titled “Pregnancy Outcomes Following Use of Escitalporam: A Prospective Comparative Cohort Study”, where their objective was to determine if escitalopram is associated with an increased risk for major malformations or other unwanted outcomes following use in pregnancy.

Pregnancy outcomes in women exposed to escitalopram, other antidepressants, and nonteratogenic exposures were analyzed and compared the outcomes of each.  Author Klieger-Grossmann C. states “ Among the escitalopram exposures were 172 (81%) live births, 32 (15%) spontaneous abortions, 6 (2.8%) therapeutic abortions, 3 stillbirths (1.7%), and 3 major malformations (1.7%). The only significant differences among groups was the rate of low birth weight (<2500 g) and overall mean birth weight (P = .225).”  It was shown that spontaneous abortion rates were higher in both antidepressant groups when compared with the control groups.

Escitalopram was associated with lower rates of live births, lower overall birth rates, and increased rates of low birth rates.  Compared to the control group, spontaneous abortion rates were doubled in both antidepressant groups.  There was not a clear connection made between escitalopram and an increased risk for major malformations.  However, there seems to be an increase in frequency of low birth weight.  Furthermore, the study confirmed previous findings that higher rates of spontaneous abortions are more common with exposure to antidepressants.

If you or a loved one used SSRI during pregnancy and your child had a negative birth outcome, your family may be entitled to significant financial compensation from the manufacturer of the SSRIs used.  In recent years, SSRI birth defect lawsuits have been filed around the world because SSRI drug manufacturers have failed time and again to warn women of the risks associated with their products.

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