As nearly 1 in 10 of all women who experience pelvic organ prolapse, numerous efforts have been made to treat its symptoms.  The use of transvaginal mesh has grown substantially in its clinical popularity, leading to its being the preferred method for surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse.  However, it has been noted that a range of transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed because of the commonality of complications that arise due to the lack of postoperative research conducted to confirm mesh devices’ safety and efficacy.

A current study has given cause to further controversy involving the efficacy of transvaginal mesh kits.  This study, titled “Mesh Kits for Anterior Vaginal Prolapse are Not Cost Effective,” was conducted by Sunshine Murray, et. al. and focused on the observable economic faults of using transvaginal mesh in patients.  The article, published in Int. Urogynecol J., summarized, “Mesh kits for AVP(Anterior vaginal prolapse) repair are not cost effective, regardless of the OR (operating room) time saved.” (emphasis added)

This indicates that while other methods for anterior vaginal prolapse have been seen as comparable safe and effective, the cost of using methods involving mesh kits are significantly more expensive for the patient.

If you have been given a synthetic mesh device for the repair of AVP then you could quite possibly have been subject to an unnecessary financial burden because of the use of a cost-ineffective medical device.  You may be eligible to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and win the justice you deserve for being subject to undue suffering. Contact our offices and allow us to represent you in your effort to relieve the burden caused by the surgical use of vaginal mesh devices.

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