In recent news, there has been a massive mandatory recall for infusion pumps produced by the medical device company Medtronic.  These “SynchroMed” infusion pumps are implantable devices which release medication through a programmable administration system, allowing patients to undergo continuous medicative treatment without the need to orally or intravenously inject medication on a daily basis.  The recent recall by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of SynchroMed pumps is due to unexplained complications that have led to at least 14 deaths tracing back to 1996 following its commercial release to the general market.

The alarming deaths related to the use of the SynchroMed infusion pump has led to the FDA labeling the defects as Class I recall, with the highest level of concern given a recalled product.  Additionally, a recent article on the InvestorPlace website shed light on problems with two separate pump models, both of which were recalled by Medtronic after being discovered as delivering improper dosages of medication.  The deaths that have been brought to the attention of the FDA were traced back to three significant problems related to the SynchroMed pumps.  The complications were as follows: 11 patient deaths after medication was injected into the patients’ tissue rather than into the pumps, two died from blockages, and one because of the device having an electrical short.

The current news indicates that the SynchroMed pump is not yet safe for commercial use, causing rise to belief in the necessity of further research and development for Medtronic SynchroMedinfusion pumps.  If you or a loved one has received a Medtronic SynchroMed Infusion Pump, you may be at risk of suffering from one of the serious complications associated with SynchroMed.  Contact out team of Synchromed lawyers us to receive a free consultation and let us represent you in your pursuit of a SynchroMed lawsuit.

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