The use of transvaginal mesh kits has grown substantially in recent years as new products are being designed constantly.  However, numerous transvaginal mesh lawsuits have emerged because of the inconsistent success rates offered by the field of different transvaginal mesh products.  Lawsuits have not only emerged because of unsuccessful procedures involving transvaginal mesh kits, but because of the high number of complications that occur, often times leading patients into experiences of severe pain and discomfort.

In a recent study in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, an article titled “Elevate Anterior/Apical: 12-month Data Showing Safety and Efficacy in Surgical Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse,” focused on the possible repercussions of transvaginal mesh in reparatory surgery.  Edward Standford and his team focused on the possible outcomes of using transvaginal mesh kits in the surgical repair of prolapsed pelvic organs one year after surgery.  They listed a fairly high success rate but noted a range of complications that occurred in numerous subjects.  These complications included but were not limited to: “…mesh exposure, urinary tract infections, transient buttock pain, de novo stress incontinence, retention, dyspareunia, and hematoma,” each of which cause significant stress in patients’ lives.

Though transvaginal mesh kits have gained popularity in clinical use, they have brought with them a host of TVM complications, that when objectively studied, have shown to prove that transvaginal mesh kits are being seen as less and less of a viable and safe method for the repair of prolapsed pelvic organs.

If you have experienced any of the listed adverse effects of transvaginal mesh following reparatory surgery, then you may be one of the many victims of an unsafe and ineffective medical device, transvaginal mesh.  Contact our offices and let us provide you with the representation you need to win the justice you deserve for your suffering.

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