A startling discovery was made recently as it was uncovered that officials at CR Bard Inc. hid the flaws in their transvaginal mesh products in order to allow for continued sales.  The transvaginal mesh devices made by Bard were made with plastics deemed, “unsuitable for human implantation.”  The executives at Bard made use of the plastic devices, despite the warnings that said it shouldn’t be permanently implanted in humans.  This emerging controversy has brought about numerous transvaginal mesh lawsuits as patients are suffering the adverse effects of the unsafe products distributed by Bard Inc.

A recent article on the Bloomberg news website discusses the possible complications caused TVM, citing that women face the danger of severe organ damage as well as extreme pain during sexual intercourse as a result of the defective product’s erosion over time.  The article states the obvious, asserting “Doctors and women such as Donna Cisson* would have shunned the mesh if they had known about the warning.”

If you have had a transvaginal mesh device surgically implanted, and that mesh kit was produced by CR Bard Inc., then you may be at risk of suffering the adverse effects of an unsafe product.  Please seek medical advice from your doctor to ensure that you do not experience such effects.  If you or a loved one has suffered any of the adverse effects caused by transvaginal mesh devices, you may be eligible to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and find compensation for your experience.  Contact Justinian Lane to receive a free consultation and seek the justice you deserve.

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*Donna Cisson is a victim of the adverse effects of the unsafe transvaginal mesh produced by Bard. She is now in the middle of a transvaginal mesh lawsuit in which she seeks compensating for her suffering.