In recent years, transvaginal mesh kits have been used more and more regularly in the repair of pelvic organ prolapse.  A current controversy has emerged as to the safety of such products as more often than not, they are under-tested for their safety for patient use.  A recent article published on the CommonHealth website provides a prime example of the seriousness of the developing controversy surrounding the use of transvaginal mesh kits for surgical implantation.

The article told the story of six women who have been selected to speak publicly about their personal medical traumas that resulted from the use of synthetic mesh in surgical procedures to repair prolapsed pelvic organs.  The six women have gone through a total of 45 surgical procedures to try to undo the damage caused by such devices, originally designed and intended to alleviate discomfort, but instead resulted a lengthy and painful experience.  The six victims experienced a range of complications related to transvaginal mesh in their pelvic organ prolapse surgery, including: “material [eroding] through the vaginal lining, causing infections and nerve damage, as well as excruciating pain, the inability to sit down or urinate without a catheter, multiple hospitalizations and a halt to their sex lives.”  One victim said that she would have never consented to the use of transvaginal mesh kits in the repair of her prolapsed vaginal wall if she had known of the lack of research done to support the safety of such products.

This emerging problem has already victimized countless patients who intended on undergoing reparatory surgery to alleviate the pain caused by pelvic organ prolapse, but rather experienced a list of painful complications due to the use of unsafe transvaginal mesh products.  If you have suffered any adverse effects following the surgical implantation of synthetic mesh kits, it may be due to the negligence of companies to determine the safety of using such products.  Please contact us for a free consultation to determine if you are eligible file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and earn compensation for the suffering you have endured.  Our experienced team of transvaginal mesh lawyers will help you secure the justice you deserve.

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