The use of transvaginal mesh kits in pelvic floor reconstruction surgery has begun to be questioned clinically as the number of cases of complications and adverse effects has steadily risen.  The  complications can lead to pain for not only the patient but for their significant others during intercourse, often times leading patients to require further corrective surgery.  Recently, a new complication has been reported by numerous patients, involving the erosion of the tissue surrounding synthetic mesh inside the patient’s body.

A recent study titled, “Diagnosis, Management and Prognosis of Vaginal Erosion after Transobturator Suburethral Tape Procedure Using a Nonwoven Thermally Bonded Polypropylene Mesh,” conducted by Domingo, et. al., focused efforts on understanding the possible outcomes of the erosion of the vagina following transvaginal mesh within patients.  The article, as seen in The Journal of Urology aimed at studying transvaginal mesh erosion in patients undergoing surgery to treat urinary incontinence in women.  They reported that, “of the 65 patients 9 (13.8%) were diagnosed with vaginal erosion at the vaginal incision during a relatively long postoperative period (mean 290 days). All presented with vaginal discharge and 1 had a severe complication (obturator abscess). Complete mesh removal was necessary in 8 patients and only 2 (22%) had recurrent stress urinary incontinence.”

Thers results confirm the current suspicions surrounding the use of transvaginal mesh in patients, as the study reports serious complications as well as failures that end in recurrent symptoms.  This study, along with others, has shown that numerous patients have become victims of the dangerous transvaginal mesh products currently in clinical use.

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